Add a Listing on Mumsnet


Why list on Mumsnet Local?

“Mumsnet is an internet phenomenon” – The Sunday Telegraph

·     Mumsnet users are the most engaged of any UK parenting website.

·        79% of users have bought a product after recommendations on Mumsnet

·        80% of users seek advice or read reviews on Mumsnet when they are planning to buy a child-related product

·        Over half of users check Mumsnet website nearly every day

·        Mumsnet Dundee-Angus targets users of the national Mumsnet site in your geographical area.

·        The Dundee/Angus and Fife sites brings local Mumsnet users together in one place to share shopping tips, meet-ups, events and chat.

How do I add a FREE LISTING ? 


Visit your Local site and choose which local site you wish to advertise on.

You can choose to join more than one site.

Click “Join” at the top of the screen and follow the directions to become a member.

Once you’re signed in as a member, click the pink “Add A Listing” button at the top right of the screen.


Select your category and complete your listing, taking care to complete any obligatory fields marked with an asterisk.


Dates – You will need to add an end date to all listings; if you are listing something permanent, we suggest that you set the end date for 2 years from today.
Add a photo as it will make your listing stand out in the crowd
If you are a Mumsnet user who would like to add a review to our listings, click ‘I want to share this with Mumsnetters but would like the Local Editor to take over from here.

Preview your post, agree to the terms and conditions, and when you are satisfied, press POST.




List in as many relevant categories as you would like:
–  If you run classes,you can list each individual class under “What’s On” and also list your business permanently under “Services” or “On The High Street”
–  If advertising an event during school holidays, list it a second time in the special category (e.g. “Christmas Holidays”)
  If your group or service covers several age groups and subject areas, you may add multiple listings in each age and subject category.
What happens next?
You are now free to share your listing as you please, e.g. on Twitter and Facebook.
Encourage your customers to review your listing. Ten or more reviews awarding 4 or 5 stars will award a “Mumsnet Best” badge to highlight your listing.
Your listing will automatically expire after the end date that you specified. Permanent listings will generate an annual email to you, asking you to check that the details are still correct.
How can I make my business stand out even more?

Contact your local editor about advertising on Mumsnet Local

I already use Mumsnet for personal reasons – will I be identified?
No. All users of the local boards are asked to adopt a “local” talkname, and your local editor will not be able to access your account in any way.